Dogs and your health

Studies have shown that dog ownership can have numerous health benefits

Exercise -
Big or small, we all know dogs love a good walk!

Having a dog gives you a great excuse to get out in the fresh air and walk, jog or run. No matter what you will always have a willing exercise buddy!

A recent study showed that on average, dog owners had 15 minutes more vigorous exercise per day than those without a pet. Walking a dog helps owners stick to a regular exercise regime and can help with weight loss.

Companionship -
What could be better at the end of a hard day than coming home to your faithful pooch ready to welcome you back?! You can always count on your dog to stand by you no matter what!

Studies have proven that the human-animal bond is becoming increasingly strong, in fact a recent University poll found that 97% of owners admit to talking to their pets. Perhaps the other 3% just didn't want to admit it?!

Child Development -
Dogs not only encourage more social interaction within a family environment but they can also provide a vital role in the child's development and education.

Health Benefits:
Encouragement of greater fitness and higher levels of physical activity.
- The development of a more stable immune system.
- The reduction in the incidence of hay fever and asthma.

Psychological Development: Children who own pets are often less self-centered than those who do not, and seem more likely to develop humane attitudes such as empathy and nurturing. This helps to stimulate better social integration and social competence.

Children with learning difficulties: Children with learning difficulties can benefit from interaction with pets. One study found that the presence of a dog helped to channel the children's attention and responsiveness towards the therapist's suggestion. In effect, the dog helped increase the attention span of the children.

Benefits to Education: As well as all the fun elements associated with owning a dog (or indeed any pet), there are many potential educational benefits. Owning a pet can teach a child about the responsibilities of life and mutual trust and thereby improve relationships with other pupils, parents and teachers.


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